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Impatiently Waiting

“I wanna sale out and move back to the country. I’m gonna get me a goat and some chickens!”

I’ve been telling everyone that for ages it seems. Well, we finally did it! As I posted before, the house sold very quickly and for more than we were asking. That means that we finally had the money to make our dream of a small homestead a reality!

As soon as we had the signed offer, I was dreaming of farm fresh eggs, homegrown veggies, and cold raw milk. Literally, dreaming of them. Many would call me crazy for that. I probably am crazy, but that is not why. Who wouldn’t want fresh, unpolluted food and a sky unclouded with a brown haze?

We decided to head back to my home country of East Texas, where the humidity is horrific to someone who has become use to the dry of the mountain desert. Oh well, I’ll just have to adapt because the pros by far outweigh the cons in this situation.

The property we’re buying seems tailor-made for our needs. There is a pole barn with a workshop that can be converting into a tiny house. Electricity, well, and septic system already in place. (Hallelujah!) A small shack for my gardening shed that I’ve been wanting. There is already some fencing in place for a goat pen.  It just needs a little work. There is also a pond that is spring fed and no one in the area no matter how old can remember it ever running dry.  In fact, it actually produces enough water to feed a second pond that is also on the property.

image The down side is that it has become completely overgrown, as in the blackberry vines and Sweetgum trees will cover you too if you stand still long enough. Of course, that’s also part of the reason for the great price.

Of course, now that we’re finally doing it, CC and I want it yesterday, so we fight to be patient. The upside of it going slowly is that it gives CC and I time to think though our moves, so that things happen in the right order. For example, I was surfing the other night and found 15 Black Astralorp pullets ready to start laying. These are the chickens I’ve researched and wanted all along. I’m not getting them because I have no place to put them yet. Sigh!

Hopefully, they will still be available when we get the coop put together. If not, I’ll order chicks from an on-line site that a friend recommended.  (I’ll let you know how they do, if I end up going that route.)

So here I am waiting (not so patiently) for the day to come when we sign on the dotted line and I can get started full steam ahead. Stay tuned for all the highlights, hilarity, and humdinger disasters to come!

And if you have any suggestions for getting rid of Blackberry vines that are taller than a 6′ person, do let me know!  Yeah that’s 6′ plus tall CC in the picture.


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Home Sweet Home

I’m sitting on my mom’s front porch in East Texas as I write this.  The crickets and the neighbors tractor through the trees is a soothing symphony that has lulled our two dogs into sleep after a hard day of country dog living (sniffing EVERYTHING, peeing on every other thing, and digging up moles).  BG is playing in the yard and I’m not even remotely worried about it, which is a big switch from the city.  My biggest concern recently is if she bothered to put her shoes on before she went outside.

We chose to move to East Texas for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I know the area, having grown up here.  It also helps that my mom is looking to downsize and is going to sell us a great little property that has everything we could wish for.  Most people think of desert and oil wells when they think of Texas, but Texas has a lot more to offer than that.  Texas has coastal wetlands, rolling hills of grass and wildflowers, a seemingly endless expanse of grass, and then you have the piney woods where tall Pines mingle with mammoth Oaks, gracious Magnolias, and delicate little Dogwoods.

It is the middle of November and while there is a little bit of bite to the air as night comes on, the grass is still green and BG has just brought me a small bouquet of purple flowers.


The plan was to start living that more relaxed lifestyle that we’d been dreaming about and I have to admit, we’ve been having some issues with that.  Habit has been formed and now we have to build new habits.  The habit was to go, go, go and that just doesn’t work here.  Everything moves at a slower, more natural pace and I have to admit, I’m loving our new Home Sweet Home.

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