About Cappy Curmudgeon

I’m Cappy Curmudgeon.
Why Cappy? Because my moniker was already taken – turns out I’m not the only one with an eclectic vocabulary. So Mr. Grumpy-Old-Man assumed a name from an old story called The Go-Getter.
Read it, it’s good.

Nicknames and alter egos aside, who am I?

An ex soccer ref, lifeguard, EMT and nurse aide who burnt out one too many times and came home to care for my new daughter. A ham radio nut, recovering christian, retired exercise addict.
Otherwise I pretend to write political thrillers in my spare mind. My inspirations include Michael Crichton, Dan Brown and Daniel Webster (his books have a great plot).
I also enjoy stirring up the fighting animals (keep reading) and placing the occasional bet each election day (yes, I think politicans are wrongly trained animals). And if you think I’m a michael vick you need some remedial reading comprehension work. And yes, de-capping his name is intentional.

Some people think I’m seriously weird. You’re probably one of them.


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